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Research and Development,

Operating systems,


CNC Machine Technique


Mobec provides services and control systems for metal processing machines. The Mobec specialists have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of CNC control systems. Thanks to this all-round knowledge and experience we can realise customer requirements through new construction or modifications.

Research and Development

Customer requests regarding changes and/or additions to their existing machine concepts will be examined for technical and economic feasibility before realisation of the requests. Geometric checks and inspections are used as tools for giving advice and support.

Operating systems

Mobec delivers the three known CNC systems (Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens) as the core of machine control systems for different purposes.


Mobec provides the complete range, from engineering to the final product.

CNC Machine Technique

For all common mechanical and/or electrical faults you have come to the right place with Mobec. Due to rapid diagnosis and short contacts to the suppliers of machines and control systems, we can provide quick and effective service.